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The Gluten-Free's

For any celiacs or those fond of keeping their guts happy, here is a one-stop shop to all our published gluten-free recipes, look no further. I will keep this updated as more recipes go up on the site. If you're looking for something vegetarian or vegan, we've got that covered too.


Appetizers & Sides

Cresson Toufé — Watercress, Potatoes and Garlic

Koloo — Sweet and Sour Pumpkin

Sousou Toufé — Sautéed Chayote Squash

Salma Foy's Bajias — Spinach and Onion Fritters

Main Courses

Potage Parmentier — Potato & Leek Soup

Ladob Poul — Mauritian Chicken Kari

Lenchi — Lentils

Khao Suey — Noodles in Curried Coconut and Chicken Soup (use gluten free pasta!)

Nani's pasta — Macaroni with Beef and Herbs (use gluten free pasta!)

Kadhi Kichriy — Moong Daal & Yogurt Kadhi

Pickles, Chutneys, & Dips

Salad Mang — Mango Salsa

Salad Palmis  Hearts of Palm Salad


Lassi Mang — Mango Lassi

Sharbat — Rose Cordial


Pujing Mai — Coconut & Cornmeal Pudding Squares

Pateeli — Crème Caramel

Kheer Rice Pudding

Our obligatory carnivore says hello and Happy New Year!

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