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Strawberry Tarts

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Friends and family, it is an exhausting time. But we are at a crucial moment in history where our actions and words with neighbors, with friends, with family, and with strangers can help change the world for good.

We cannot be silent in the face of systemic racism and brutality that we see with our own eyes in our own communities. We have a role to play in this, as uncomfortable as it is. It is easy to say this isn't our problem. It is easy to be silent and tell yourself that you believe in racial equality, but it takes courage to show that support with actions.

Tangible Acts of Support

Ask Difficult Questions

"Who is represented in my office at work?"

"Why aren't there more People of Color in senior leadership positions?"

"What is being taught to my child school? What do I passively teach myself and my family at home?"

Call out Racist/Racial Commentary

Any comments about light or dark skin are racial and never necessary. Just talk about the weather when you've run out of small talk, people. Come on.

Do not associate skin color and beauty, ever. Dark skin is great. Light skin is great. And everything in the middle is great. Please move onto other topics like the above-mentioned weather. Or food. Or movies. Or books. Or Jurgen Klopp's managerial tactics. Or literally anything except this.


Don't bleach your skin.

Don't use tanning lotion.

Both of these practices are two sides of the same coin. They both suggest that changing the color of your skin makes you more beautiful.

If you think it does, you need to reexamine why you think that. Why are you rejecting the color you have? How did that notion develop? Also it's just bad for your skin. Please use SPF everyday and accept yourself!

Vocational Support

Are you a health-care professional? Does a fair-skinned person and a dark-skinned person get prescribed the same pain relief medication? Is there variance for darker-skinned people? How can you change that?

Are you a lawyer? Can you use your expertise to support incarcerated people in the judicial system?

Are you an entrepreneur? Can you highlight companies owned by People of Color?

Are you a business-owner? Can you give advice to People of Color starting their own businesses?

Are you a teacher? Can you share resources from which others can learn and they too can share?

Are you a Mom? If you are, remember this: as George Floyd was dying, he called for his mother. THAT IS A CALL TO ALL MAMAS IN THE WORLD TO LEND THEIR STRENGTH TO THE FALLEN.


When you need a moment's break from this eye-opening moment in history, I recommend berries and sugar. It's a delightful combination :) And if you're in the mood to bake — strawberry tarts!

•cream cheese

•powdered sugar (icing sugar for the Brits)


•plain flour

•cold butter

•egg yolk

•ice water

•non-stick pastry cases


First, make the pastry cases. Sift 1.5 cups (225 grams) of plain flour into a bowl and mix in 4.5 oz (125g) cold butter till it resembles bread crumbs. Add one egg yolk and enough ice water to make the ingredients just come together.

Pro tip: I do this in the food processor; it is faster and less messy.

Tip the dough onto a lightly floured surface and press into a ball and lightly knead till the surface is smooth. Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 350F (175C). Take the dough out of the fridge. When it is soft enough, roll it out between two pieces of wax paper to about 2mm thickness. Gently press them into non-stick pastry cases and trim the edges. Prick the base with a fork.

We will blind bake the cases, so place some wax paper over the dough and fill the cases with rice or baking beans. Bake them for 10 minutes with the weights, then remove the weights and wax paper and cook for another 10-15 minutes. While they are cooking, cream together 6oz (175 g) of room temperature cream cheese and 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar. If you're not into really sweet filling, feel free to just reduce the sugar content here. Remove the cases from the oven and let them cool completely. This is a good time to rinse, pat dry, and slice the strawberries for the topping.

When the cases are completely cool (like seriously completely), use a spoon to fill the cases with the filling and then artfully decorate the top with sliced strawberries. Serve anytime, though I like them for breakfast—hah!

Pro tip: the cream cheese filling and pastry will store for weeks in the fridge in airtight containers. Only fill the pastry cases when you're ready to serve. If you fill them and leave them in the fridge, they will get soggy.

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